Tracking AHG badges with multiple components to one badge requirement

How do you track a partial completion of a badge requirement for AHG badges? For example the AHG cycling badge for Explorers requires a 5 mile bike ride and a 10 mile bike ride in the same requirement. Obviously 2 separate events but both are needed to complete 1 requirement of the badge.

@AdelaideLeitzel Hi! Are you talking about the Competitive Cycling sports pin? If so, I would love to add the requirements. If you have a PDF or link you can send me, that would be great.

AHG cycling badge requirement 12 includes a 5 mile and a 10 mile bike ride.



@AdelaideLeitzel I found what you are talking about and unfortunately we cannot separate the requirement. We try to keep all our badge requirements in line with exactly what AHG publishes and if we deviate from that many people will not like it. You can just put a note in the requirements stating which length of ride they completed for now.