Repeat AHG Requirements

In the AHG Girl Handbook, some Frontier Badges have requirements that ask an Explorer, Pioneer, or Patriot level girl to complete or review requirements completed at a previous level. For example, Explorer Level required Requirement #11 of the Horsemanship Badge in the Outdoor Skills Frontier says ‘Complete Requirements 1-5’. We had girls earn 1-4 but not 5 so I can’t select #11 as complete but would still like to record the information. Also, when I select 1-4, it counts them as elective requirements, which they are not. Is it possible that these be listed in the Required section of the badge versus the Elected?

Thank you!


Hi @RobynGinther,

Those are required for their own level, but requiring them to be checked off at each level would be tedious (and we made it this way based on AHG user input). The best way to do this is to have them marked off in the appropriate level and for #11 of the current level, just mark that 1-4 are complete in the notes.

So for Tenderheart, 1-5 are required:

But in explorer, the required one is 11 (and so on):

Thank you for getting back to me. I understand the why behind the repeat
requirements and I’ll move forward using your suggestion. Personally,
though, I just like to check boxes. :slight_smile:

Thank you again,