Training Book

What Is It?


The Traning Book lets you see all the trainings that everyone in your troop has received. You can filter your users' trainings based on when they were completed, and who completed the training. You can see which trainings are expired, and see when the others will expired. You can also search for specific trainings to see who has completed the training. Anytime you want, you can export your results in a spreadsheet (CSV format).


How to Get There?

Click on the Manage badge, then training, and choose Training Book from the dropdown menu.


What Can I do?

Once you get to the Training Book you can use the filters to narrow down your list of Trainings. You can also use the After and Before fields to search through all your trainings for trainings completed before and after the respective dates that you enter (note that doing so will reset your filters). You can filter your search results.

Once you have the list of trainings you're looking for, you can export them as a spreadsheet by clicking the CSV link.

If you need to make a new search, click the Reset button, and your search and filters will be cleared.


I’m the Training Coordinator for our Troop, but when I filter on ‘all units’, ‘all members’, ‘all training’ in the Adult Training Book, the only result I see is my own training records. I want to see a list of training that has been completed for ALL adults. Any suggestions?

Do you have full Unit access for your user account? I do and see everyone, unless there just haven’t been any other trainings input for your adults?

That was the issue. I only had access for my household and not the unit. Once that was changed I was able to see everyone’s training that has been completed. Thanks for responding!