Training entered without date auto-expires

I’ve noticed that if you enter training and do not put in a completion date, it automatically expires 1-year from the date you entered the training. It would be more useful if it read “NOT COMPLETED” in red or something like that so we can track who needs what training. Often we have parents who ask what training they need, so plugging in the blanks for them makes it easier for them to check, but then they see the expiration date is a year out and they get confused thinking they no longer need it, like they get a grace period. We’d like to see this changed to be clear that they have not yet completed this training, but need it.


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What you are describing isn’t a bug. You are attempting to use the feature in ways other than what it was designed for. This isn’t wrong to do, but I’m going to switch this to the “Ideas” category so users can vote on it and our developers can consider it.

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Agree! It would be wonderful if a user and leader could be notified when something expires!