TT Rank Advancement Process from Webelos to Arrow of Light

Good Morning,
It’s advancement time for us (yes, our Blue and Gold is later than most :wink:) and I’m curious on the best way to move our Webelos to AoL (2015+). Should I do it using Record Progress (Bulk) or go to each scout and start a New Achievement or something else? Any guidance is appreciated.


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This needs to be separated as they are now officially two different ranks (even though they do share the same adventures). Dropdowns and mail lists should be created to show this.

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On a related note, does anyone know how to advance Webelos II/Arrow of Light den members that are moving out of the pack? I have some members going to a troop that has troop track and i requested they be moved to that troop track. But others are moving to a troop with no system. How do I advance/remove those scouts and their parents? Should I just de-activate them?