Is there a way to move an elective from the Webelos badge (incorrect listing) to the AOL?

Boys in one den received the Maestro elective. For some of them, it was correctly listed as an elective towards the Arrow of Light, but for some of them it was incorrectly listed as an elective for the Webelos badge. Is there a way to move it? The awards have already been received. Thanks!

Hi @copead,

It sounds like you just need to remove it from the Webelos and add it to the AOL. Can you please give me just the first name of a scout to look at? Thank you.

Thanks - sorry for the delay on my end. Please take a look at Cole Nesmith. The award has already been given. Can it be removed from Webelos and assigned to AOL? I did not see a way to do that.

This one was marked as complete:

Instead of this one, further down the page:

But I made the change on Cole. For the others, just go to their Achievement tabs and remove the dates from the incorrect (Webelos) achievement and put them on the AOL achievement.

Thank you for the help!