Turbonet Advancement Report Issues

I’m attempting to upload a TurboNet Advancement Report like I’ve done many times before but for some reason it’s not working. It processes but then kicks out and lists all the scouts and their scout id’s and tells me to fix the problem. I know the issue with the first scout but I’m not sure what the problem is with the others, so I can’t fix it. See below:

Also, when I click on TurboNet Advancement Report it pulls up a big list of achievements. All are listed as previously reports. Some of them I just entered so I know they weren’t previously reported. Others were reported before our COH last summer but still show up on the report. When I look at the scout’s record these old awards are all showing as recognized.

Advancement report failed. Please correct the problems described below and try again. Don’t worry, none of your data has been submitted to BSA yet - submission only happens once we verify everything is okay.
Jason Diblasi with BSA ID `` could not be found in the roster: Jacob Baker (BSA ID: 128492756) Caden Breon (BSA ID: 134678531) Cole Dattisman (BSA ID: 129088608) Alexander Eisenhour (BSA ID: 124708678) Logan Heckert (BSA ID: 128492684) Tyler Hess (BSA ID: 121426105) Garrett Hicks (BSA ID: 130906328) Ryan Horn (BSA ID: 126379466) Abram Konzel (BSA ID: 122337206) Gavin Laratonda (BSA ID: 126379413) Owen Livengood (BSA ID: 128492768) Spencer Mefford (BSA ID: 124614310) Christian Paules (BSA ID: 124372992) Daniel Shoener (BSA ID: 121426104) Nicholas Spangler (BSA ID: 117605991) Zachary Tuley (BSA ID: 126379677) Robert Velazquez (BSA ID: 132403726) Tanner Wallace (BSA ID: 119875064) Owen Wilcox (BSA ID: 127905414)