TurboNET Advancement Report


Before you can run an advancement report or roster import, you need to refresh your screen. Again: Before you submit the report, refresh your screen and it will work. Right now there is a bug that makes it say "Syncing" forever.

How It Works

TurboNET will automatically submit your advancement info to BSA's Internet Advancement site for you. All you need to know is your BSA Internet Advancement user name and password. You don't even have to login to the BSA's web site!

How To Get There

Here's a video showing how the advancement report works:




It says there’s a video, but I don’t see it. Am I missing something?

Yeah, the video … :laughing:

There is still no video posted…will one be posted on how advancements report works?

Here’s the TurboNET video… sorry the link got broken somehow…

Dave, Is this video supposed to have no audio? I am getting up to speed on the TurboNet stuff and this Youtube video is silent. Not sure if that is the intent.