TurboNET Fixed


TurboNET broke on Tuesday Oct 16 when ScoutNET changed some of their web settings. We pushed a fix for the issue yesterday evening (Wed Oct 24) and haven’t seen any errors since, so the problem’s been taken care of. We’re sorry we couldn’t fix it any sooner. Have a great day! :tada:


I just tried to import data from AHG Connect and it did not work. Help, please!


Hello Spencer,

Trying to us TurboNET and getting error message…

  • Advancement report failed due to a system error. Please open a support request and we will let you know when the problem has been resolved.
  • A system failure has occurred. TroopTrack staff has been notified and will investigate the problem.
  • Logging in to ScoutNET…

Can you help?


@PeterSiegel This would be a separate issue, since the issue was a BSA thing. If you can email me a little more information at support@trooptrack.com, I’d be happy to assist you with this and get it fixed for you.

@belwood413 Are you still having this issue? Sometimes this error message occurs when the BSA site is really busy and can’t handle all of the submissions and requests it is getting. If this is still happening, shoot me an email at the email address above and I will look into it.