Turn Off Text Replies

I understand the need to have the option for people to reply to text messages, but in our use case we want it to be one-way as to avoid people spamming the whole unit with useless messages. Can you add an option to turn off the responding feature to mailbox?

I am typically all for having options as everyone uses systems differently, I also know that adding an option for every feature makes systems so convoluted they almost become unusable. I think this is a situation where feedback from other users would be helpful to see if there is support for requesting this as a feature that can be disabled.

I can definitely see JustinWeaver’s frustration. Having an SMS feature to send a group one message and engage in sometimes meaningless replies are two different things. I like for SMS to be just one way and if people want to engage in the discussion, use a chatterbox or something else.

I would second the ability to turn off the reply feature. It would be more useful to us to have it as a one-way notification.

text replies should only go to the sender of a group message.
or how about give permission to text via security settings like emails to the troop are setup?
if it operates via email, that should be easily done.
text messages are useless to me now in the current form, especially with double texts and no sender info in the same message thread. its terrible!

Dave is working on making an option to disable the reply feature so it will go back to the original send only text. Unfortunately with the character limit of text messages it has to be broken up into multiple texts to get all of the information out.