Two Households with the same name

I have two heads of household with the same last name. How can I separate them and give them different addresses?

You can add, edit, and delete households by going to Manage > Members > Households. If you have, for example, two households with the last name Smith all showing up under one household, you would select “New Household” at the top right, enter the household’s name and address, choose which individuals to include, then hit save. Now, you will have two Smith households. You can also rename them to easily differentiate between the two. This can be anything from ‘Smith 1’/‘Smith 2’ to ‘Smith (John)’/‘Smith (Aaron)’ as household names.

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I just append a number to the household to make it easier to determine who belongs where. For example, I have 2 families in my pack named Jones, so I have Jones1 and Jones2 households.