How do I specify a Primary Household for a multi-household User?

I have a grandparent that maintains a separate address than that of the household in which the Scout lives in. In order to accommodate this, I have created a unique household for the grandparent and made them a member of both households. Under the “member detail” page, it lists on the basic info the address for the first household the user is a member of, which in this case is the scouts home address and not the address of the grand parent. Is there a way to specify a “primary” household so that the address displayed on the Basic Info section of the “Member Detail” page shows the correct address?

Hi @nw37359,

Right now there is not a way to specify a primary household (because it is rare that we find people with multiple households). They should both show up though and I think which one is on top just depends on the order which they were entered. You can delete and recreate the other household.


I tried deleting and recreating the households in a different order - it appears that the order is based on alphabetical and not sequence in which it was created. I updated his primary household to alphabetically come first and it shows correctly now.

It is confusing to the users that you display the home address in the Basic Info section on the Member Details tab along with the “edit” option when in fact this data is part of the household and cannot be edited as part of the basic info. I’ve had confusion in our troop around how to update home address because the user sees it under the basic info section but it is really updated as part of the household. It might be better just to not display the home address at all on the basic info tab since it is already shown as part of the household association. Just my two cents.

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This button allows you to edit your address from your member details tab:

I agree that is the right place to update the address and that is what I tell our users. What confuses them is the fact that when you have an address (note that your example does not have an address), it shows up under the Basic Info section in addition to the Household section. See my graphic below: