Unable to Open Email Attachments

Files attached to emails cannot be opened by the recipient. I’ve verified the file is valid and can be opened on the local machine. But once it’s sent as an attachment, the recipient is unable to open it.

What type of file was sent? What e-mail program were they using? Is this happening with all users or just a single or specific set of users? What error are they getting?
The TT e-mail contains a link to the file hosted on TT’s website, perhaps they are having an issue connecting to media.trooptrack.com?

The file is a .pdf. Everyone was having the same issue of not being able to open it on all types of machines. However, I just tried opening the attachment from the same problematic email and it is now working. Perhaps there was a temporary issue with media.trooptrack.com over the weekend?

Hi @toregan1,

I just took a look into this, and it looks like it’s working. I wasn’t able to re-create the problem you were having.

If this happens again you can always contact support, or comment on this thread, and I’ll be happy to assist you.

David Keener