Can not attach file to email

I can not attach anything to email. I get “Something is wrong. please try again.” This happens when attaching an image as well.

I also can’t upload and attach a photo to Calender events, email, or even photo albums. I can attache photos that already exist in photo albums, though.

I also can’t attach a PDF file to email.

It seems as though TT doesn’t let you attach to an email. It gives you the option but never works. This should be changed. Please TT do something about this

@trevor_greene, @prestonwood, @JessicaLarson, There appear to be some issues around attachments and file uploads all over the system. @ericsiebold2 This is normally a function that does work. There have been several threads about this and it has been reported to TT staff. I am sure they are working on this. Unfortunately this is their busiest time of year and they recently had a staff member move on. They are a small company so to loose a staff member has impacted their ability to respond in a timely manner. Rest assured they are busily working behind the scenes to fix this issue and others.