Events "send invites when" locked after first save?

Since when do the “Send invites when” and “Send reminder when” fields get locked once the event is saved?

So… I go to the effort to create a place-holder event, put in tentative details, and then I can’t edit it to become the final event with known dates, times, and dates for invites/reminders… ?

Is it possible for a TroopTrack rep. to way in on this, and explain how this makes sense?

Wouldn’t it be more sane to have a “Lock” on an event that only the event coordinator can set?

This is really frustrating. Not happy right now.



Ah… I see. I may have answered my own question.

Really looking forward to that better solution.

I’m with you! I am really not happy about this change, because we also put placeholder events in our calendar for things like summer camp. Once we get details we update the event, including invite & remind dates.


No, I don’t like this either, why has this been changed. I wanted to alter something today on an event that was put in the calendar awhile back. This is too rigid for planning events for the future. Needs to be changed back!!!

Agreed. This is NOT a good change!! Does anyone NOT put in placeholder events?? Why would this be deemed a good idea?

We are in the same boat here… This needs fixed ASAP!

@KelsieC, Is this getting looked into? This is a problem for us as well. Time for a rollback?

@njmike @dboring @HeideWarwick @Haggard @avcangem @mwestcott

This is a temporary change. Prior to the change, users would save placeholder events (like you all talked about in your comments), but once that event was saved the first time, those “send invites when” and “send reminders when” didn’t actually change. In other words, the current change is a reflection of what was already happening, the users are just aware of it now. However, our developer, Spencer, is working on getting the necessary code changes made for users to actually be able to edit those fields after initially creating and saving them. We are hoping to have that change live on the website in about a week.

In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience!

Thank you for the information.

Heide Warwick
Junior Scout Leader
Troop 22222

Yep. That is not helpful. Rather, it creates more work, and less flexibility.

… and we do look forward to the fix.