Sharing photos by link is not restricted?

I love TroopTrack. But… is this expected behavior?

That I can share a photo that’s in a Troop Track “Shared Album” with people who don’t need to logon to Trooptrack to see it?

Here’s an example -

(You’re all welcome to look at this shared photo, this particular one isn’t personal or private)

True, the link isn’t pretty, and it’s not intuitive… but after reading the following TroopTrack links, I would have thought it would be impossible to see anything from a shared album (or a shared document), even if someone had a link:

Is there anyway to disable this “feature?” After having read those posts/articles, I was certain the photos of my Pack would at least be secure and available only to people who were logged in.

I know I can’t stop people from downloading the photos and sharing them, but the threshold is higher because of the extra steps necessary to do so.

A few of the parents I support almost went into shock that I would consider uploading photos of their children to the photo albums, put their children’s names in the cub scout ledgers in TroopTrack, etc. and I’ve seen the look of paranoia on the faces of others. The sense I got from those TroopTrack articles, was that files and photos, just like calendar events, cannot be opened without first being logged into Trooptrack.

Is there anything we can do to allay these fears?

Perhaps you’ve got an Amazon document you can point me at that explains their security model?

Thanks in advance for your time, folks.


Hi @njmike,
We are considering making this an optional feature. We once used signed links for documents, but members campaigned for us to make them open so that they could share photos, etc. without requiring a TroopTrack login.

I have moved this topic over to the “Ideas” category.

Best wishes,


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Hi, Dave!

I would suggest that this be more than just an idea. This is a true security problem, at least within the American Heritage Girls troops. We use Shutterfly for all photos, and would love to switch over to just using TroopTrack, but this will not be possible until this major problem is solved. Not all girls sign a media release. For our troop, this means that all photos are kept on closed sites with access only to authorized members. Only those who signed a media release may occasionally have their photo posted in a public, non-troop setting. We would love to hear when this is fixed, so we might consider moving our photos from Shutterfly over to TroopTrack. Thank you!

P.S. One of the drawbacks of Shutterfly is that, while you can upload multiple pics at a time to their site, you can only download one pic at a time. This is very tedious and time consuming, especially when prepping our yearbook each year and we need to get large numbers of photos off of the site. The ability to download many pics at a time, the above security problem, and the ability to group photos into both albums (we use one per event) and groups of albums (we use one per program year) are all things we’d consider before moving photos over to TroopTrack. But it certainly would be ideal to make that move and have more of our data on one site. :slight_smile:

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Has there been an update to this topic recently?

We also have used shutterfly and would love to move all of our troop activity to 1 site (TT) however, if the security of the photos are not resisted to members of the troop that have sign-in access, than we will have to forego using TT for photo albums.