Sharing Photos

What You Can Do

You can create photo albums and upload pictures to them that everyone in your scouting unit will enjoy.

How to Get There

Photo albums are managed under the Share button and are accessible through the menu powerbar.

How to Do It

To upload pictures to TroopTrack, Click on the Share Badge, then select the Photo Albums option as shown below:

The following screen will appear:

You will then see a screen that asks for a Photo album name and date it was added/taken.  Fill it in and click on Create New Album. Now you will see a grey button called "choose files". Click it to upload pictures. d

After selecting some photos, it will upload each one to the site, as shown in the photo below. This is a quick process, but does get slowed down when many photos are uploaded at once. Don't leave this page during the loading process, or the process will not be able to finish.


After uploading, they will each be processed. This is done in the background, so you can continue to browse other pages of TroopTrack, or stop browsing completely.You will know a photo is done processing when it has links to "edit | delete | details | download original" underneath, as shown below.

You can peruse your photo albums by clicking on the share badge and then choosing the Photo Albums option in the drop down menu box.


I am the troop webmaster. I would like to print this topic so I can load on to our troop documents for the Scout Webmaster to use for reference. How do I do that?

I am a unit leader. The photo that I loaded does not have the options of edit/delete/details/download under the picture. it just shows a slide show. How can this be fixed?

Hi Melissa,
There are two views of the photo album, the slide show view and a list view. Try looking for the “list view” link in the top right and clicking that. I’ve included a screen shot.


Hi Norma,
Does it not print well when you select File -> Print from your browser? You should be able to “print” it to a PDF from there.


I am having trouble uploading batches of pictures. I am getting a message that says “Cannot open multiple items from this location. Try selecting a single item instead.” What am I doing wrong? Is this feature not supported on all browsers perhaps? I certainly don’t want to upload them one at a time.


I’d like to be able to arrange photos in an album - we have multiple leaders uploading photos to an album and photos get out of order. Is this possible?

I am attempting to upload photos to a Photo Album. I have tried uploading many at a time, and also one at a time. Of my many attempts, only two photos have successfully uploaded. The photos were all taken during the same event by the same camera. Some photo thumbnails appear as though they uploaded but then disappear.

I would like to put a link to a specific photo album in an TT email to the troop. Is there a way to do this?

If you navigate to the album then copy the URL in your browser that would give the members direct access to that specific album. They do need to be signed in to access it. You can even decide what view you want them to have and use that URL. Then just paste that URL into your e-mail message.


Same problem here. I posted a question to a forum a few weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. Following all instructions, tried different computers, networks, and fiddled with file sizes, nothing works. So I now have three events without any photos, which is a bummer when I try to get those great photos from parents to post for recruiting in the cafeteria at school… Not sure what’s taking TT so long to respond. Frustrating…

Hi @DavidSwavely1 and @BonitaHoover,

I’m not able to recreate those issues on my end with our test Troop.

Would you both be able to send an email to “” and include some of the photos you’re trying to upload in that email?


David Keener

How MANY photos are we able to upload? Is there a specific size?