TurboNet Roster Import and Advancement

It would be really helpful to be able to select which scouts we want to import when using the TurboNet Roster.

Scenario 1 - Roster Import - ScoutNet and TroopTrack Member Matching

  1. Display the ScoutNet Roster on one side of the screen and then display the “matched” TroopTrack record (should be in the form of a dropdown list to allow users to change the match). In the 3rd column show how the match was made (Name Match or BSA ID match).
    1a. If no match found for a ScoutNet record, show blank in TroopTrack member column and Allow user to select a TroopTrack member in the dropdown for the match.
  2. For any remaining unmatched scouts from ScoutNet allow an option to create a new record.

Scenario 2 - Sync Badges, Rank, Achievements, etc from ScoutNet back to Troop Track for matched Scouts

  1. When a ScoutNet and Troop Track match are found by BSA ID, display any badges, awards, etc that are in one system but not the other, or where the dates are different.
  2. Allow user to choose whether to update TroopTrack with missing achievements that exist in ScoutNet or vice versa if the award is in TroopTrack but not in TroopTrack. Or allow dates from one system to update the other to make sure they are in sync. Still working on how that could look.

Hi @darrenyates,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack Community!

This sounds like a great idea! Unfortunately it will require a TON of development time and before our developers will consider a feature like this, they will want to see that it affects a wide number of TroopTrack users in a positive way. What that means: get as many TroopTrack users as you can to add either a +1 or comment their support on this idea.

Thank you for helping to make TroopTrack a better place!

Thanks for the feedback @mlsully2002 .

Fellow BSA leaders, please take a look at this request. I just used Turbonet to import 10 new scouts and it ended up duplicating several of my older scouts and it created several incorrect / duplicate awards (old ranks vs. new 2015+ ranks).

So now I have to go back and edit each scout in my pack (55 boys) to clean up the mess created from wanting to import information for 10 boys. I also have to go figure out the duplicate scouts and parents that were created because the names didn’t match perfectly. It would be nice to be able to control the match myself if no BSA ID match is found.