User data needed parameter

As a new TT API user, I immediately inspected the User data requests which we hope to utilize for interfacing our custom roster and event management system. In doing so, it appears that a key piece of data is missing for each user record. That is a household identifier. As far as I can see, there is no way to accurately link users into a household aside from matching surnames which of course can be error prone. Did I miss something? Is there another method that is recommended?

@GreggOrangio, the users endpoint does not include household info, but the users/id endpoint does. Give that a try please.

~ Dave

OK, thanks for the quick reply @dave.

So studying the API and data a bit more, it seems that the /users endpoint was not designed as I had expected it would be. Admittedly I’m not sure of the original design requirements. What I am saying is that the returned data does not provide data to build “typical” rosters where youth information is tied or totally dependent upon parents/households. For example, I don’t see how to reasonably construct a contact list for an entire Troop or subgroups. I see it can be done by one call to /users followed by repeated calls to /users/{id}, but… Again, am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything. If you want to get the household details you will need to make multiple calls.