Creating Full Profile for each Scout Member

I am wanting to create a report that lists all database items applicable to an individual scout, including the obvious, like name, address, etc., but also household information to know who is linked. I’d like the report to print a 1-page summary for each Scout showing the information within TroopTrack. Where I am going with this is I want to give this one page summary to the scouts/parents and have them update and fill in missing information. What I am picturing in my head is an enhanced contact card printed on an 8x11 sheet of paper. I suppose I could do something up in Excel or Access, but like to know if TroopTrack can do something like that before going through the trouble of making some data form. Thanks.


Hi @PatrickJackson,

Check out Manage > Reports > Create Users Report for the users and Manage > Reports > Create Households Report for the households.

That might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it might be a good tool in the meantime while we consider this feature.


I think the Users report is very close, with what you can add, but I can’t add Household to the Users report, and that limits me.

I am trying to find All the households that do not have any email on file, and thus no login to Trooptrack. I can use the Users report to find all the non-scout users who don’t have emails, but that’s misleading. A lot of these are the second parent in a household, where the first parent has an email on file and thus has access to troop track.

Any chance of adding Household to the fields on the Users report?