User Importer for All Unit Types


My users were imported, but all of the dates are wrong. The format specified above is DD/MM/YYYY, but they were imported as MM/DD/YYYY and display in TroopTrack as YYYY-MM-DD. Apparently, this caused some collisions, because when I uploaded the CSV, the site threw errors on dates with high number days, like September 28 (09/28/YYYY) - I’m just now putting together the cause of the import errors. But that means ALL the new folks that signed up on 10-4-17 and 10-11-17 are now listed as signed up in April, or, magically, in the future (November.)


I think this is the problem I am having as well:

Thanks for your post!


Could we get exact data definitions for these three fields?

(If I put in a name will it create the patrol or duplicate)
ID Number
(is this an internal ID number or BSA Number?)


@jwollard, I entered more information about those fields in the description, under the “Important Columns” header. Basically: the Patrol will find a patrol with that exact name, or make a new patrol; the Level doesn’t apply to BSA Troops, but for BSA Packs would be one of Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos, and the ID Number for BSA Troops or Packs would be the BSA ID Number.