User Privleges

As Site Admin I was tightening up our user privleges and found that if you remove “Add, edit, or delete troop members” the user can no longer edit magic mailing lists. Shouldn’t this privlege be a subset of “manage mailboxes”? We really don’t want just anyone to be able to edit or delete troop members.

Second during this process I found that MBCs cannot edit their own MBC list. What privlege is that under? Brian

@Spencer What do you think of altering the privilege scheme we have right now to allow people to edit mailing lists but not being able to manage users?

As a side note, the manage mailboxes privilege refers specifically to a beta feature and subdomain emails, not the regular mailing lists.

The ability to edit the MBC list is also tied to the “manage troop members” privilege.

Makes sense. And based on the poll here it seems that a lot of people want privileges to be improved.

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