More minor updates (04/06/2016)

This morning we released a number of minor changes:


1) The dashboard was displaying service hours in the camping nights field. This typo has been fixed.


2) We briefly broke user profiles for Boy Scout troops. If you encountered a problem late last night or early this morning, it's been fixed.


3) The custom leadership report now shows columns in a more logical order and the column "Name" is now displayed as "Position" to avoid confusion with the leader's name.


4) The vehicle listing now includes license plates.


5) AHG service stars were not appearing on the Unit listing after they were added with the new service stars feature. This has been fixed.


6) Links in event descriptions were no longer clickable for a brief period. Fixed!


7) The "all categories" link on troop documents was not working.


8) We have removed the ability to delete sub-awards (i.e. cub scout electives that are grouped with a rank) since removing them breaks the structure of the rank record.


You're probably wondering where I'm at with the event payment improvements. The truth is, I'm a bit stuck mentally and need a brain wave. Hopefully I will get unstuck quickly and be able to give a more cheery update soon.


Have a great day!


~ Dave

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