Waiting list

We have a waiting list of youth waiting to join our group as we can’t fit them right now.
Is there a way to manage this on TT? Or maybe a work around using another patrol or something? Any ideas?

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Interested in this as well. Our troop has a waiting list too… Right now we just keep an eye on it through National, but something that we could manage through TT would be great!

I was thinking of adding a den/patrol to place waiting youth into this, then it makes it pretty simple to place them in when the time comes, but there isn’t a good way of tracking any order and I don’t really want them visible to scroll through in other areas just yet.

I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t want them to receive all the troop communications either… Our troop sends out a LOT of information. For a family who isn’t in the troop, might be annoying or a turn off.

I track all of our waiting list on a recruitment spreadsheet. I track basic info (date, parent name, email, phone, child 1st name, grade, status, and notes) in the spreadsheet. I can see at a glance everything I have going on for recruiting, whether they have just reached out to me, have visited our pack, are on the waiting list, have joined, or that I received no response or they aren’t joining (I use a filter to hide the Joined, No response, and Not joining statuses).

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