Waiting list feature in Troop Track

I’m running into the problem of our typical events now having attendance limitations due to Covid. I had asked TT if they had a “Waiting List” feature for when you have to limit attendance to an event or there are only so many spots that your whole troop can’t come. They do not currently have that feature but wanted to have a survey about what other troops would like this feature…not just for Covid, although it’s very pertinent how, but for any event where you must limit attendance. I want a waiting list because people ALWAYS flake toward the deadline and without one, you just end up losing that spot. So, if you would also like this feature, please respond to this post in the affirmatives so they can see how many people would benefit from it.

Yes!! This would be very beneficial for our troop. With a large troop, we commonly have this problem anyway. But with Covid… it just might make us crazy keeping track of those individually!

Agreed. Another scenario for us is the conflict that arises when an event is postponed due to weather. With a large troop, a ready list of interested families would make the substitution process SOOOOOOO much easier.

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