Wait list

Is there capability in TroopTrack to record a wait list, keeping track of the order of additional scouts who want to go to an event in the order they request to do so? We have an event that has limited participation. The island the scouts are camping on only allows groups of 25. We have hit the maximum on the event in TroopTrack but boys want to be in line should someone not be able to go for any reason. Does TroopTrack support any kind of wait list functionality?

I don’t want to have it such that a scout drops out and whoemever happens to be in TroopTrack and see the open slot, jumps in and gets in front of the scout who expressed interest earlier.



Right now we don’t offer that feature, but please change this category to “Ideas” because it sounds like it would be a nice feature to have.

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Thanks Matt. I just moved this to the idea category. I think the idea includes a few elements:

  1. A way to close a trip but allow a wait list to be created.
  2. Freeze the participant list such that when scouts back out, slots don’t automatically open for anyone to fill.
  3. Wait listed Scouts get automatically added to the open slots based on their place in line.

I have not personally reached this point, but it would be a great option to have. Events can be marked RSVP required and given a registration limit. When the limit is reached, rather than reject RSVPs, offer them a chance to go onto the wait list, which keeps track of the order they were added.

Once someone goes on the wait list, it should freeze the confirmed list, automating the filling for dropped slots might be a bit complicated, but should definitely be possible by hand.

For instance, what do you do if two slots open up, but the first person on the wait list is a group of 3? Do you find the first group of 2 or fewer on the wait list or hold out until 3 slots are open and then fill from the list? If there is one slot left and a group of 3 tries to sign up, naturally the group of 3 goes on the wait list, but what happens if a single comes along and wants to sign up? Does the single get the last slot or go on the wait list behind the group of 3?

Each organization might have its own rules, so let them implement them on their own. Just give us the wait list (in chronological order with the group size) and the ability to promote groups to the confirmed list - and maybe send out an email to that effect.

The interesting question is how to handle payments if you are collecting fees using TT…