OA Report


what criteria does the OA report use to calculate if a scout is eligible. When pulling the report it looks like it excluded lots of dates such as cabin camping nights but our OA allows cabin camping nights to count. So I was trying to determine what the report was calculating on?


I would like to know the criteria for the OA report as well. The results I’m getting don’t quite make sense, but part of that may be due to the unclear requirements. The main question I have is when a scout has multiple long-term campouts (5 or more nights), do the additional trips count as three nights or zero. The OA Eligibility requirements that I’ve looked at do not clearly explain it.

Here are the tent nights at campouts a scout from our troop has had over the past 2 years:
6, 1, 2, 6, 4, 1, 1
The OA Eligibility report is showing him with 5 long-term nights, and 9 other nights. I can’t figure out where the 9 is coming from. If the second 6 and the 4 are counted as 3 each, his other nights should be 11, if they’re counted as zero it would be 5.

Can someone explain how TroopTrack is calculating the Other Nights?

Thanks, Mark

I would love an answer to this also. The individual scout’s “nights” do not equal the OA report.

I described a bug in the OA report here: Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report. Camping trips 4 nights long are ignored, when 3 of those nights should count toward to the “Other Nights.” I’ve made a fix for this bug, so it should go live soon. Probably some time next week.

More Details

Both “Nights” columns lump tent nights and cabin nights together. So for any event, the number of nights is cabin nights + tent nights.

  • Long-Term Camping Nights: If the person has at least one campout in the past two years that is 5 nights or more then this column will show 5, otherwise it will show 0.
  • Other Nights: This column shows the sum of all nights for campouts that lasted 3 nights or fewer.

The bug I mentioned above is that “Other Nights” should also count 3 nights from every 4-night camping trip.