Web Page templates?

Greetings oh Splendiferous TroopTrack Developers:

What say you to the idea of giving us mendicants the ability to create web page templates? I’m thinking the more my head twists side-to-side to compare web pages for consistency, the looser it gets! Honestly, this is a black-hole for my time right now.

Here’s my vision –

Templates are optional! Or the default template would simply have nothing in it.

A template would store a header and footer of our design, using the same WYSIWYG editor already available in TT. Images, raw-source, links, etc. just like we can currently edit on TT web pages.

Ideally, the content of the page would be maintained in a separate data structure from the template design - this would allow for the look of pages to be updated on the fly on the server-side. Using templates, I could update a footer-banner on every page, by simply updating the template used by those pages. BOOM.

I know the “on-the-fly” part might be a bit much to ask, but maybe this could be considered in the future? It would still be a huge time-saver if we could update the look of web pages simply by opening and saving them, causing the page to be rendered and cached…

Also maybe a checkbox to enable/disable a “last updated” datestamp, so it would be easy to tell if you were looking at a shiny or a dusty web page.

What do you think?



Hi @njmike,

Sounds good to me. We do have plans on enhancing our web pages capabilities, but it’s not on the top of our todo list right now. I’ll be sure to include this post with your idea when we talk about it.

Thank you.

(Other TroopTrack users, please voice your support for this or add your own ideas to it.)

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Agreed …

I like the way you think Ninja Mike!

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Count me in!!! This would be a great feature to have

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