Won't you please bring back javascript?

I’m going to be presenting a demonstration of Trooptrack at our District Roundtable next week. Someone else will be presenting a demonstration of Scoutbook.

One of the defining factors in our choice of Trooptrack was the high level of webpage customization that was available. This is now greatly diminished by your choice to disable javascript - I halted my use of TT webpages at that time, and barely mention the existence of them as I’m afraid of further feature loss.

For example, this prevents us from doing the following:

  • embedding Surveymonkey surveys on our pages
  • employing pagecount scripts
  • embedding custom Paypal buttons for those times when payment through TT events were not a good fit.

What can I tell the crowd? Will javascript ever come back?

Scoutbook seems to be moving in on the turf of Trooptrack and other tools like it.



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Well… with BSA’s Scoutbook being offered for free starting January 1st, it’s going to be difficult to continue supporting Trooptrack without differentiating features like this. Every commissioner meeting and Roundtable I’ve attended has had some presenter pushing Scoutbook – it’s clear the BSA expects all Scouts to participate.

RSVP and sign-up directly from email are nice new features but… it’s been over 1 year waiting on the email system modifications (which are still in beta?), still no ability for event organizers being able to sign-up people on sheets, taking away our ability to include javascript on our webpages here. I’ve been generally positive about Trooptrack, and have continued to try to spread the word, but I’m concerned that these features don’t seem to be making any headway.

Can anyone at TT create a news or blog post to let us all know what’s under development and give us a timeline on new feature development? Didn’t there used to be a “News” or “Blog” menu on the main Trooptrack website?

Hmm wait - let’s try Facebook - ok, so it’s clear now you’re using FB to communicate updates, server outages, etc. Did anyone ever let the Trooptrack community know that this stuff wouldn’t even be recorded in the community.trooptrack.com website? But wait, there’s some new posts in https://community.trooptrack.com/c/product-updates as well. So there is some communication, but it’s inconsistent.

I’m a little disappointed - but am eager to hear back on these points.