Making websites more robust

Hi all,

I have done some generic playing around with the public website and it’s been pretty easy.

TroopTrack staff- are any plans to make websites look more robust? I would like to improve our website such things as different background colors, fonts etc. I really don’t have a specific feature that I am looking for. Only to make it more visually appealing while making it easy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Hi @sgaines,

Short answer: Yes.

We have plans to add many more elements for users to customize. I must warn you, it is not high on the todo list right now, but it is something you can expect in a future TroopTrack update.

Thank you!

Hi @mlsully2002,

Thanks for the response.

BTW, what is the beta website, and how is it different? I responded to a post about it a few weeks ago, and it’s peaked my curiosity. :slight_smile: