What permission is required to create a Custom Mailing List?

I have a parent that has almost all the permissions, but can’t create a custom mailing list… Is there a page that describes what permission is required for which page???

The parent has:

Access level: Unit, and all permissions except:
Manage troop members: Add, edit, or delete troop members
Manage money accounts: Add debits and credits to youth money accounts
Manage troop settings: Change TroopTrack settings and basic information about your troop.
Manage privileges: Add and remove privileges for members of your unit
Use turbonet features: use TurboNET features to import and export data to Boy Scouts of America
View all money accounts: Read only access to all money accounts
Manage awards: Present and purchase awards
View inbox: View all emails sent through TroopTrack (Subdomain Emails Only)
Manage mailboxes: Add, edit, and delete email mailboxes (Subdomain Emails Only)

Can someone please tell me what priv I need to give to him to create a Custom Mailing List?


The custom mailing list is under an odd privilege and is slated to be changed, I think.

Manage Troop Members will allow you to create a custom mailing list.