Why don't "bugs" show in https://community.trooptrack.com/latest?

Is there a reason that the “Bugs” category doesn’t show up in https://community.trooptrack.com/latest ?

I have to go to that category then choose “latest” to get it to work.


No idea. That’s how they set it up before I worked here. It’s nice for me personally to be able to have bugs all in one place. Makes going through questions and picking out feature requests to put on the list easier. But I don’t know if there is like any official reason for it.

This is still an issue - they should show in https://community.trooptrack.com with “all categories” “all tags” but they don’t

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I have been wondering this myself, recently.

It would be nice to see all the topics listed in one place. I only just realized that they weren’t showing up in the last month or so, and I’ve been on here for a year now.