Why not allow scouts to login to troopTrack?

I always thought it was wierd that you can register your scout, but he can never login and see Trooptrack. In TL, boys are supposed to do a lot of this like: Track attendance, equipement, and email one another the meeting agenda. Modify the meeting agenda online to include the details or attach an agenda. See their badge progress, download troop documents (like Camping menu forms to fill out). See what the troop has planned so they don’t plan on top of it. The program is trying to make them independent, and the way trooptrack is set up is contrary to that.

This appears to be a Trail Life specific thing. That means they turned it off and you will have to ask them why.

When the big transition described here: Trail Life USA Transition Questions and Answers occurs, Trail Life scouts should be able to log in like scouts in every other organization on TroopTrack.

@mlsully2002 I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. When an organization has a hard and fast rule about things like this we will honor it in TroopTrack. I will reach out to the Trail Life USA home office and see if they have a policy about youth access before we will open TT up for youth access.

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OK, thanks dave. I would think out of all the scouting organizations, Trail LIfe would allow the boys to get accounts, for all the reasons I listed, they expect the boys 14-18 to be leading entire meetings and running lots of things.

I’ve wanted this for a long time. It is particularly frustrating that the First Officer or Patrol leaders can’t take advantage of the communication capabilities. Now that Trail Life isn’t associated with Troop Track anymore, can we get this feature turned on?

Agreed. Youth trailmen should be able log in to TT for calendar, and limited features.

I have been trying to figure out how to set access and passwords for my girl scouts, and it seems that they have to have an external email address to be able to do this. Part of the appeal of Troop Track is that the girls could have email addresses within the software for communications, but you have to be part of the troop/patrol to send/receive messages this way. Did I misunderstand this option?

I saw that multiple users could have the same email address, and thought I would invite my daughter as a test scout to set up her user name and password, but when i sent the login invitation to her (using my registered email address), it came through as an option for me to reset my own access under my Troop Track login.

We would like our girls to get in and monitor their own attendance, badge accomplishments, etc. Is this possible in some other way that I’m not seeing? Thanks so much!

Editing - End user error. I realized i invited myself to update my password. My daughter’s name and mine are close in spelling. How embarassing. I sent an invitation to her, using my email address as hers, and it worked properly this time. YAY!

Any recipients of TroopTrack emails still have to have their own external email addresses. The mailing lists simply allow you to mail to appropriate groups (parents, patrols, leaders, everyone, etc.) without having to put in all of those email addresses and trying to remember who should be in what group.

But as you mentioned, multiple users can be set up under the same email address. So the girls can log on, whether or not they have their own email address. :slight_smile: