Year at a Glance


How to Get There

Using the Plan Badge, select Year at a Glance in the drop down menu box.

How it Works

This feature is designed to make an easy, printable option to show the overview of events planned.  Simply choose the option as shown above to see every event that has been planned for the year (see below).  To add something to this report, go back to Plan an Event and follow those prompts.





how do you set the date range for year at a glance - when I click on it I get June through Oct, what I really want to see is Sept last year through Aug so that I can use it to help with planning the next year


Would it be possible to make the Year At A Glance able to select a date range?


Does anyone at Troop Track read these requests? Our troop would like to print a year at a glance calendar from Sept. 2016 to June 2017 for planning purposes. Please add a feature so that we can select a date range for the calendar at a glance option.


We do read these requests. And we think this is a good idea. But it takes time to build new features, and we have to prioritize the hundreds of requests we get, and we can’t do them all at once.


Has there been an update on this request?
We feel too it would be great to have a “select range” option so that we can use it for what’s happened and what’s to come for ordering purposes and planning purposes!