Can't select year for Year At A Glance or Full Year View

We’re going to have our annual planning weekend in a couple days so I wanted to print a list of all the events from last year to use as a reference. When I use the Year At A Glance report on the Plan menu it only shows me the current year, 2017, and I don’t see a way to select another year. Same issue with Full Year View – it only shows current year.

I went ahead and created my own Event report, but again there are no date selection options so it reports all events in Troop Track – past and future. I copied the output from that report and stripped out the non-2016 events so got what I needed, but the Year At A Glance report for 2016 would have been nice.

I’d like to see a year selection option added to Year At A Glance and Full Year View.



I second this. A date selection option (Month and year) as well as number of months to display would be very helpful in taking into the annual planning process. Hey @mlsully2002


I agree the ability to select month/year is a valuable feature and was just thinking the same when trying to produce a report for an upcoming planning session. The Year at a Glance is a very nice and concise list of upcoming events, and having the ability to produce this with a starting point in the past is very useful.

The data is all in the system, but it just needs a way to select the starting date.

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Great idea! We would love that as well.

Just realizing that we need this now, too. Looking for conflicts with holidays for the next program year (Sept-May) and the default date for Full Year View is the next 12 months. I would like to be able to print this is well.

Would like to be able to select the starting month/ year (including previous years), and the ability to choose # of months to display would be icing on the cake!


Good idea. Hope it get implemented.

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We are all still waiting to see this implemented. It has been almost a year since it was first requested. What does it take to get it done? This doesn’t seem like a big deal to fix, just a priority.