Export the calendar

I don’t like the format of the “year at a glance” calendar. I just want to export the calendar to google, excel, anything that would make the printed view editable. Or even set a time range for the “year at a glance”.


Hi @TiffanyHigginson1

This sound like a great idea! However, before we can introduce this idea to our developers, we would like to see a little more support from the rest of the TroopTrack community. Have any other TroopTrack users you know add their support as a +1 or a comment about the idea and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for using the TroopTrack community!


I will chime in. I like the online view of the calendar, but it is very poor when printing or saving as a pdf. For starters, as far as I can tell (and I could be missing something) when you click on the print icon it automatically saves as a full-year pdf. Why not an option for just printing just one month?

Further, when you do view it as a pdf, it is a very ugly document. The lines between days look like industrial steel columns. Why? There are many calendar functions on countless group websites that have a far more functional, spare look, are exportable and render into a more functional and more professional-looking printed product.

I think just a little tinkering with the interface would yield some nice result.s


I made a similar feature request under the old ticket system. We do all of our annual planning in TroopTrack and need to be able to set the date range so we can look at prior years. That way we can remember important dates as well as keep from being too repetitive.

For formatting, how about different colors for each meeting type? Use the same color scheme as our calendar settings to color the text on the year at a glance view.


I agree that the YAG formatting needs some work. I still go back to my Excel based YAG for converting to PDF to share with parents without/aversion to tech!


I am just trying to elimate doing everything twice. :confused:


I don’t mind a printed annual calendar. But the printed format right now is not usable. We’re still doing double entry putting our events into TroopTrack and Google Calendar mostly so I can get a nice printed format for planning meetings. If it wasn’t for the Google sync issue, I’d just go that route and print only from Google.

For printing, I like Google’s format. The specifics of what I like are

  • Good use of vertical space. I realize some people might want the white space at the bottom for notes and having that optional would work for me. I just like the calendar to fill the page.
  • Multi-day event show up as a single event crossing date boundaries with Google. With TroopTrack, they all look like multiple events, each day independent. The font size defeats the “continued” text (or whatever it is, it’s cut off).
  • Fonts are just too big in the printed TroopTrack version. Multiple events in a day overflow the day box. That’s partly the (large) size the of the font, partly the (small) size of the box and not using all the page for the calendar. We had, for example 3-shift event and we scheduled it as 3 events to make sign-up easier. That doesn’t fit in the calendar’s box for the day in the printed version.
  • The printed version looks to be not much more than a screen shot of the calendar. Or maybe a bit less than a screenshot. But there are vertical scroll bars on the day boxes which is silly for a printed version and just takes space.

Give me something close to Google’s print style and I’d be happy with the printed version. Add a few options to tweak it (e.g., dead space at the bottom for notes, landscape vs portrait, font size tweaks, month range selection) and I’d guess a lot more people would be happy, too.


I would like to be able to set the date range for year at a glance - it would help for reviewing the year prior as you plan the next year


I’ve had many parents request this feature… I personally would use an export to Outlook, but I have received requests for Google Calendar too. best,T hais


This would help alot. Besides that issue, previous caledar years cannot be brought up, other than caledar view.


How about a sync to Google calendar instead? that would make life super easy…


I used the calendar feed to import the calendar into MS Outlook. From there I was able to use Outlook’s features to adjust the formatting and print the year’s calendar. Unfortunately, I lost the color coding based on event type and All Day events show up with start and stop times.

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You can add your TT calendar feed directly into Google Calendar and keep it synced -no need to do double work. (See the Calendar export topic for instructions). Then you can print anything you like from the Google calendar.
This works well for us.

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As I noted in my original post, the Google sync issue is the blocker. I
don’t see any update on that being fixed. Are you saying it works now?

We’ve been using it for 2 years now and have only had one issue, but it was
easy enough to correct. Sometimes it is slow to update but otherwise it
works fine for us.

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I’ve just set Google to sync to TT. But I’ll admit, I’m not really happy with that option. Mostly because we track multiple calendars with Google that show up with custom colors, something I can’t import correctly from TT. We have Troop-level events, District/Council level events, and “other” events of interest to scouts. We put them in Google Calendar as different calendars to pick up the different colors. Colors don’t import into Google at the event level, so doing the Google import means they all get mashed into one view :-(.

Ignoring Google compatibility per se, any import/link method e.g., to you phone’s calendar, would probably require that those be separate calendars to sort them. So the only way I see our current scheme working is for TT to support multiple calendars.

I replied to areel’s comment, but I’ll add it here, too…how about multiple per-troop calendars to sort events for export. We put District/Council level events on our Google calendar page as a separate calendar. We also put “Other” events of possible interest to scouts in yet another calendar. In Google, these get different color codes. In TT, I can put a color code on an event, but when I export to some other tool, it’s gets collapsed into a single calendar with one color. If I could create multiple per-troop calendars in TT, I could export them to Google or anyplace else, like our external website. Right now, our external web site links to Google because I can keep the distinction between the event groups, something I can’t do if I link it to the TT calendar.

I agree that it is the worst print view I have seen in a long time on the internet. I would like to see no scroll bars on the pdf calendar, multiple months per page option, the ability to print ‘notes’ style like powerpoint so you can see more about the events in one month, white font on all color backgrounds for those of us not printing in color.

I have people that like planning while looking online and others that like having a print version. So being multifaceted is important. We are switching over to full trooptrack usage, but this is a huge stumbling block for us!

In the not-too-distant past, I had been able to get all TroopTrack calendar tracking on my Gmail phone app. I linked my personal and troop gmail accounts in my one app and I had ALL activities in one location…very helpful when planning on the fly. This was able to be done, because, at one time, we were able to export the TT calendar to gmail…our troop website had the calendar on it and, being an administrator, linked my app to it as well. Around fall 2017, it quick working. I’m wracking my brain about how to re-link the TT calendar to the gmail troop account again and am not being very successful. It has been done in the past, something changed last fall and the link/capability disappeared.

except it does not sync/add new events.