11 Jan 2018 Update

We released some more stuff! :slight_smile:

  • Fix issue where event invites were getting set to send “0 days” before the event. We didn’t edit already-created events. If an event says it will send invites “0 days” before the event, you can now change it to never send events if you would like.
  • When using the “Record Awards Progress for Attendees” button on an event, the Bulk Award page’s “Check All” checkbox that now only checks the visible checkboxes
  • Meeting Schedules use the new RSVP options: “RSVP from within TroopTrack”, “Handle RSVPs outside TroopTrack”, or “RSVPs not required”
  • Destroying a meeting schedule only deletes the future events

Any updates to make the mobile app closer to the web app?