Newsletter not showing events for the next 30 days

I’ve looked and I don’t see this topic.

When sending out a newsletter, I have “show events for the next 30 days” selected and “include events participant is not invited to” unselected. However, nothing is showing up in the preview or in the newsletter emails. I’ve gone back through the events for the next month and “everyone” is selected for all the events. This is the same for single events and troop meeting events.

There is probably something I’m missing that is different than last year, but I’m not sure what is could be.


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I did go back and play with it a little…the event will show up if I RSVP for it.

It used to show all events, even if a member hadn’t RSVPd…which is great when you would like them to RSVP from the newsletter. We use the newsletter instead of the invitation to cut down on emails. Is there a way around this?



Did you ever get an answer to this question? I’m having a similar problem - weekly meetings (even within the next 7 days) don’t show in the newsletter, nor do any other events within the next 30 days.

I appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!

I changed the troop track setting to show all events instead of only show events someone is invited to. I think that fixed it. It seems they have it set to showing only events someone has RSVP to…butt they can’t RSVP if they don’t see it.

So, just to be clear, the Newsletter will NOT show events they are invited to, but haven’t RSVP? Will ALL events show up when I enable that feature (even for ones they are not invited too)? This seems wrong!!!