25 Oct 2017 Update

We’ve released more updates! These were actually put into production yesterday.

  1. Users can export their data in the same format our spreadsheet importers use. Just go to Support > Spreadsheet Import/Export.
  2. Don’t send invites or reminders to users who’ve RSVP’d “no”
  3. Make it clear that the Send Invites When and the Send Reminder When fields of an event can’t be changed after the event is created.

As @Tlwhite noted here, we’ve disabled editing the Send Invites When and the Send Reminder When fields of an event once that event has been created.

This isn’t a permanent change. Changing these fields did not seem to work under certain circumstances, so in an effort to prevent some bugs :bug: we disabled the fields for created events. We’re still working on a better solution. :slight_smile:

This problem about the “Send Invites” really needs to get fixed quickly, please. Unit leadership… not happy.

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@Spencer - Can you elaborate on #3? Why was this changed? It has really caused a problem for my unit, and I hope the change is reverted soon. I just spent a couple hours the other night deleting and recreating events for the next couple months; I’m not looking forward to doing that regularly.

Hi @Spencer,

I am looking at update #1, using the Spreadsheet Import/ Export.

My daughter is in 2 AHG troops. I exported her Achievements from 1 troop, edited out everyone else’s data from the file, leaving only her data, and then saved the file as a .csv using Excel.

When I tried to import this file, I got error messages:

Fix the following problems with your CSV file before continuing:
Line 4 has errors: Malformed: completed_on (‘10/25/2013’) and awarded_on (‘5/15/2014’).
Line 5 has errors: Malformed: awarded_on (‘5/14/2015’).
Line 6 has errors: Malformed: completed_on (‘2/16/2017’).

Line 18 has errors: Malformed: completed_on (‘4/20/2017’). Couldn’t find achievement “Service Star (Red)”.

When I go to Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements, I am unable to add “Service Star (Red)” because it is not listed there. Do I need to change a setting somewhere to import the Service Stars?

Any suggestions for the “malformed” errors?

Who can access the Import/ Export feature? Can just any old person import data for other users? Will it overwrite existing data?

Thanks! This will be very helpful for importing Achievements for transferred girls!

This solution needs to be sorted very quickly, not being able to remind as I want is too rigid a system.

@dboring It actually didn’t work before, though it allowed you to change the field. Once that was set, it was set. So allowing users to be able to edit the field was misleading, since they changing them didn’t do anything. We’ve temporarily set them up to reflect this, but we are working on making that field editable. This is currently our top priority right now.

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@mwestcott Please see my response to this post in your other post, found here: Bug with Spreadsheet Importer/ Exporter. :slight_smile:

We fixed the event invites issue! See here: Invites and Reminder Fix.