2018 BSA Rechartering & ability to customize payment options

One of the strengths of TroopTrack is the ability to track money accounts and pay for an event with either the money account or a credit card. However the lack of customizable payment options within an event that exist in other programs like CheddarUp is limiting our ability to take full advantage of that feature. It’s time for TroopTrack to add some customizable dialog boxes when setting up an event to add or subtract from the fee when a user RSVPs for an event. This would make the TroopTrack payment feature usable for rechartering and other events that have fee options.
Event set up example:
Adult fee: $33
Youth Fee: $33

  • check the box: “add another fee?”
  • custom dialog box and amount: “Add BoysLife Magazine” Fee: “$12”
  • check the box: add another fee?

I agree. TroopTrack is a good tool. But I won’t say it is great because of things like this. I have to do what I considering to be klunky workarounds for things like additional summer camp fees. This and other payment issues I have just make me wish the tool would get better in this area. I have posted several other ideas on this forum and have rarely if ever seen them implemented.

We just finished our recharter collection with TroopTrack and it went fantastic! Thanks to all of you there at TroopTrack! We have a very large troop, so being able to collect payments with either scout accounts or PayPal has taken a huge burden off of our camp hosts and our registration team. The “add item” feature to further customize payments is going to be especially useful for summer camp when boys need to pay for specialized merit badges.

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@ColleenCombest We’re glad to hear that TroopTrack made things easier for you! :slight_smile: Do you have any other suggestions we could implement to improve our event payments and so forth? If so, let us know and we will do what we can to implement them (though we do ask you to be patient with us, since we are a very small company).

@Stevehassenzahl We’re sorry that TroopTrack hasn’t been meeting some of your needs and expectations, and that you feel like we aren’t implementing your feedback. We do try to do our best, but we aren’t able to implement everything as quickly as we’d like, since we receive a ton of feedback and only have one developer to implement all of it, on top of fixing any bugs or issues that pop up. If you have specific feedback, go ahead and shoot me an email at support@trooptrack.com and I would be happy to pass it along to our developer and discuss it with you in more detail. :slight_smile:

The ability to add separate items was added at the end of September.

Thanks Aaron! It’s a great addition.

Hi Kelsie - 2 things on my wish list?

  1. Ability to make an “add item” a negative number to waive a fee ie: Boys Life
  2. Ability for event coordinator to update attendance, especially the “no’s” or to waive a fee without having to turn off “payment required”

Thanks @KelsieC - you all are doing a GREAT job!

As to your 2. waive fee you are able to do this, you would go into the Attendance, View All Payments screen and you can manually add an attendee and just do not charge their account, or if they have all ready RSVPd you would have to Withdraw them, which would remove the charge, then add them back in and do not charge the fee. Its a little bit of a work around but is possible to accomplish what you are trying to do.