Track Annual Membership Payments

Create a new type of payment called “Annual Membership Fee”. This could be one-off or recurring.
Integrate with money accounts to determine who has paid their membership and who still owes.
Perhaps tie together with annual recharter.
Be able to run report on who is paid up this year.
Create a function to reset all for new year so everybody set to unpaid for the next year.


I like this idea. I would like to see other users chime in before we commit to building it.

~ Dave

This is one of the main things we have to keep track of, so it would be nice to keep track of who has paid their membership dues and who still needs to pay.

Also we do bi-yearly, or yearly options.

I think maybe a way to have a “membership paid thru XX/XX/XXXX” would be the best way to keep track.

I like the idea…:slight_smile:

I would like to better understand creating a payment type. Isn’t the payment type the same as method of payment?

  • Scott

I know that it becomes a manual nightmare for the Troop Committee to keep track of the annual Recharter Fees - “Annual Membership Fee” - that need to be paid on a yearly basis. In addition to the amount of time spent going back and forth on updates to the Scout family information. Now with TroopTrack, that part of the yearly process - the updated family information - should be cut in half. And, if we had a way of tracking the Recharter Fees within the same program, then that would make being on the Troop Committee that much simpler. Hopefully you can get that up and running before the next Recharter. :smile:

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Yes. This is exactly what triggered the thinking. We charged a single annual fee, and pay the recharter fee from that. When it comes time to recharter, we end up running around figuring who still needs to pay.

We discount the second scout in a household. We created a pair of registration events earlier this year, and parents with multiple scouts “RSVP ED” each separately, but it would have been simpler to create a single event with scaled pricing: first scout $x, next scout(s) $y. Also, the ability for both scouts to be paid for in a single credit card transaction (and single processing fee) would be great.

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I played around with things after seeing this thread. We are still playing with integrated accounting, but here is my plan.

  1. Create a transaction category for recharter
  2. Create a Troop Account call it something like Recharter 2016
  3. Create an all day outing that lasts as long as you need. I plan to use 1 month.
    The cost of the outing is $25.00 for both youth and adult
    In the event, set the account to the Recharter account created in step 2
  4. Troop members sign up for the outing.

The transactions in the recharter account give you all the details, who paid etc. Any adult or scout that isn’t registered, needs to sign their BSA application (printable from TT). Compare the adults that rechartered against for YPT records.

I am thinking about keeping the account open all year, so when adults decide to register, we have an account already set up (this would be a single transaction for the prorated amount).

At the end of the year, close the account and do it all again next year :):):slight_smile:

@kpkpkp- FTI- Since BSA charges $25/scout (adult and youth), we don’t discount the registration of siblings. Maybe in your troop you could handle with a bulk transaction for the younger sibling?

I hope this makes sense, and was helpful :slight_smile:



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Thanks. It’s a good idea. I may implement something exactly like this for my Pack.

This relates to the overall need for “cart” functionality. Multiple line items for a single credit card transaction and associated processing fee, be it for multiple sizes of t-shirt, 1st scout in family and then additional scouts, adult vs. scout pricing, etc.


I signed up for Stripe, and started playing around with credit cards.

The only way I could pay using credit card, was to fund my scout account. There was no option to pay for an event using a credit card. Personally, being new to TT and online payments, I like this feature.

Going forward, if there was a “cart functionality”, we should be able to pay for multiple items with 1 form of payment whether it is credit cards, scout fund etc.



You could put an event on the calendar for Renewal. RSVP all members and put a fee on it.

If you used an Event on the Calendar then RSVP all members - you could use the Adult Fee as the full price and the Youth Fee as the discounted price.

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This is a brilliant idea! Thanks. I think this accomplishes what is needed, while making the reconciling very simple.

I have had scouts join at various times over the past 2 months. It’s very hard to keep track of details such as:

  1. did I invoice each family for new scout fees? also for yearly pack dues.
  2. who is paid? Who still owes?
  3. for the returning scouts, who has paid? Who is outstanding per den?

These are all questions that could be solved if there was an easy way to create a single transaction across all members and then a reporting feature on what was charged. So essentially what was asked earlier in this thread. I am sure this is a need by all. Any progress on a menu driven option to resolve this?

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Here are a few comments and ideas from a relatively new user of Troop Track:

Creating an event for Rechartering works, but it is clunky:

  1. Who do you invite for the event? The Scout? If their email is in the system, they get the invitation, but it’s their parent that should pay the fees. If you invite the Parent (the only sensible choice here), then they get the invitation, and if they add the Scout as a “guest” on the event, then the count on how many people have signed up is wrong.
  2. It would be nice to be able to invite the “household,” and add or delete names from the household with radio buttons or check boxes before payment.
  3. If you create the event, it shows up on the calendar for however many days there are between the start date and end date you pick. You might not want it to show up on the calendar. Not the biggest issue.
  4. It’s not really an event, although the RSVP date has relevance to impose a deadline.
  5. Can you invite someone to an event after the timing of the event has passed? If so, then you could create events in the past with different costs (partial year, full year, sibling fees). Still clunky, but workable.
  6. As others have said, a “cart” functionality would really help pay for all of these events together.

Since Rechartering is something every Troop / Pack / Crew does, in my opinion the best solution would be to have a separate functionality for it, with an expiration date as someone mentioned (like the training expiration dates).

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Hi Andrew,

Recharter worked out pretty well for the most part. I agree it was clunky :slight_smile:

let me tell you what I did in order
1- I invited everyone in the troop, youth and adults. I wanted adults and youth to RSVP individually. In the event, I set the price to 0 for the youth, and $25 for the adults.
2- Good idea!!! :):):slight_smile:
3-I created an outing that lasted about 2 weeks by my choice. It could be longer or shorter. The outing showed up on the TT calendar every day during that time period.
4- Oh I would have to disagree. Recharter is the greatest scouting event ever!! :):):slight_smile: I agree with your point.
5- I don’t believe you can invite somone to a past event. That is a great point! Something to consider. What I see, is an account created to pay for partial year signups, not necessaily an outing. This way the signup is captured in their scout account when paying with their scout account.

I do have some clean up work to do, parents that recharted but didn’t RSVP, or adults RSVP’d +1, and such. I am able to go in and updated the attendance and payment via the event. This is clunky to do, but TT gives us no other way.



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How have people solved the problem of parents paying for their scout with a check? How can I edit the RSVP if there is a cost associated? Do we provide a “discount” registration of $0 if they pay by check?