Managing Merit Badge Counselors

How to Get to Your Merit Badge Counselor List

You can get to your counselor list using the Manage badge menu. Click on the "Manage", then scroll down to "Merit Badge Counselors". :

Here's what the counselor list looks like:

That's Great, but How do I Get People on the Counselor List?

Anyone who counsels a merit badge will be included on the list. So how do you add a merit badge? Just go to their profile from the Manage badge or using the Members tab on Quick Nav as I show below:

From the user profile, locate the tab labled MBC and select, like so:

Once in the tab, select the Edit button.

A very long list of merit badges will appear. Check the box next to each one counseled by the member and click the save button at the very bottom. This member will now be on the counselor list.


notice you are not on the mbc tab. when on that tab there is NOT an edit button. I am the secretary of our troop I have a mac so am totally stumped as why I am unable to input data for our troop

Hi @ClaudineHepner,

You will need the privilege “Manage Troop Members” to manage and edit Merit Badge Counselors. Ask your troop leadership to give you that privilege and you will be all set.


I gave that priv to our Advancement Chair, who tracks our 100+ MBC, and she still was not able to do this. She had basic Household role set, and then I added Manage Troop Member. Only after I moved her from the Household role to the Unit role was she able to edit MBC. Thoughts?

It depends on who you were trying to have her edit. If she had household access she could only do that for her household. Access level determines what you can see and make changes to so with Unit access, she should be able to do this to all the scouts.

Could we request a Feature, that ONLY lets the Merit Badge Counselor and Advancement Chair apply Completed Merit Badge Sections?

That way a rogue scoutmaster parent can’t say their son did the merit badge?

Is there a way that AHG troops can have this Merit Badge Counselor feature?

I know we don’t have merit badge counselors, per se, but we do have parents with unique skill sets and I think this would be a great way to track that. Maybe call it Badge Advisors, Assistants, or Specialists, or something similar?

It would be great if we could assign youth to be Badge Advisors, too. Or if there is someone who is not a member of the troop who could work on a badge (e.g., a member of the host church).

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi @mwestcott,

If you could make this as a new idea and put it under the ideas category then that would help us to see how many people would be interested in this feature.


David Keener

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