Add Merit Badge Counselor

How do you add a merit badge counselor for a summer camp merit badge? there should be a way to add a quick merit badge counselor without having to add a leader or adult member/parent. I believe this should be under the manage members. anyone else have any thoughts? Instead of just putting summer camp it should have the actual merit badge counselor listed if the badge was completed. How about adding a partial completion also for someone who was a merit badge counselor for certain parts and another counselor for finishing up the merit badge?? Anyone else??

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Hi @ScoutMaster279,

Let me try to understand this a little better. You would just like a place to enter a name of a merit badge counselor and specify for which badge they counsel without having to add them as an adult/parent or leader?

Sorry, I’m just trying to understand your request a little better. I’m assuming from what you said, that you’ve looked under a user’s profile at the MBC tab and that’s not quite what you are looking for, right?

Thank you!


Any way I can actually talk to you direct? I will give you a scenario that
I’m dealing with from summer camp for 11 scouts and their merit badges and


Hi @ScoutMaster279,

Feel free to call me at the office: 817-550-6844, but you will need to describe what you are looking for in detail here on the community. Before ideas are considered by our developers, we have to get a general sense from the community that the idea is widely liked and needed.

Your best bet would be to just write up the scenario here, but feel free to call me. :slight_smile:

Hi @ScoutMaster279,

Thanks for calling in. I understand your idea much better now.

I look forward to your detailed scenario for the community to see.

In the meantime, I may have a solution for you.

Go to a scout’s profile, click the Achievements Tab, click the Merit Badges tab, and edit a merit badge. There is a notes section next to each of the merit badge requirements. You can add the MBC names there and they will be a part of that record.

I am doing this now. For those merit badges that are completed at camp it would be nice if I could just drop in “Camp Geiger” or Summer Camp as the MBC. I don’t know that I need the individual name.

Sorry to revive an old topic since this isn’t a priority compared to all the things you are working on - but while merit badge counselors might be members of the community (approved by council, etc.) and thus interacting with many of our Scouts they’re not necessarily members of our troop. If I add them as adults, they show up in roster (or get emails, which they don’t want.) I suppose I could add and deactivate… but that’s going to get cluttered really fast.