Show only Merit Badge Counselors for badge being managed

I would like to suggest an enhancement to TroopTrack for assigning Merit Badge Counselors (MBC). At this time, when assigning counselors under Achievments-Merit Badges, all counselors show up when you choose the drop down menu. However I would like to be able to, at my discretion, limit the choices to only those who are approved to be MBC for that specific badge. I suggest the addition of a check box that, when selected, the drop down menu only shows approved counselors for the badge being managed.


Hi @Stevehassenzahl,

This sounds like an interesting idea. Let’s hear a little more from the community and see if this is something widely needed and then we will proceed.

Thank you for the enhancement suggestion!

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Matt, Thanks for the feedback. I had gotten used to this in TroopMaster so it would be nice to have it in TroopTrack. Thanks.

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I would also like to see only counselors that are approved for the badge available in the drop down menu.


Our Advancement Chair just emailed me frantic on this one. She is adding in all of our MBC (Which took hours) and then she is going back to assign the counselor for each of the badges for each of the scouts (I can’t imagine how many this is, but it is well above 1000.) She wants to know why we can assign a MBC to a particular badge, but you have to pick and choose which counselor worked on a badge for a particular boy. Something here is amiss. It just can’t be “as designed.” If so, then the person who wrote that requirement hasn’t worked in a troop of more than 10 boys.

I still wish MBC didn’t have to get mixed in to the same pool as the rest of our adults.

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Agree on the auto-sort feature.

PS … love the ability ti quickly find an MBC for a Scout