A Whole Bunch of Updates (12/11/2015)

We just pushed a number of updates based on tickets submitted by users like you:

1) The "All My Requests" page now shows only open tickets by default. You can see all solved tickets by clicking on the "Solved" link in the title bar.

2) The patrols/dens/units page now includes a count of the youth in that patrol/den/unit.

3) Custom household reports will now only include households with at least one family member who is active in your organization.

4) Printed BSA advancement reports now sort the awards by the last name of the recipient instead of the first name.

5) The date a member joined a troop is now available in custom user reports.

6) Access level is now available in custom user reports.

7) There is now an option to print award cards without the dashed lines on the edges.

8) When adding custom awards there is now an option to make them repeatable.

9) Custom awards are now available to all members, not just youth.

10) The merit badge counselors (by merit badge) page now lists counselors in alphabetical order.

11) You can now translate every page in TroopTrack to nearly any language using Google Translate. There is a Google Translate widget at the bottom of every page - just click it to change the language. This is a service from Google and we can't guarantee the accuracy of the translations. I've included a screenshot of the add new scout page translated to Spanish.

Phew! Have a great weekend.

~ Dave