Receipts, bulk privileges, and more (12/22/2015)

There's a bunch of new stuff going live sometime this morning:

1) Need a detailed receipt for your subscription so you can get reimbursed? It's now available on Manage -> Settings -> TroopTrack Subscription. See the screenshots I've attached.

2) When a user looks at money accounts they have access to, it used to show the total balance of ALL money accounts at the top. We've fixed this so that it only shows the total balance of accounts they have access to.

3) Awards are now sorted by award name, then last name of the recipient on the award ceremony agenda (Achieve -> Print Agenda by Patrol).

4) If you use the "Copy parents on all emails setting" and you had a deactivated adult in a household, they were getting copied on emails to youth in the household. We have fixed this so that only active adults will receive emails.

5) Have you ever wanted to know which users only have household access levels or can edit achievements? Now you can look at privileges and access levels across all your members and filter them by access level and privileges. Just go to Manage -> Members -> Privileges to try it out. See the screenshot below.

6) Have you ever wanted to add photo upload privileges to everyone or done some other mass update of privileges? You can do that now too. Just go to Manage -> Members -> Privileges then click on "Add Privileges". See the screenshot below.

Last week we had a nice conversation on Facebook about the way we display rank information & merit badges. I've started working on this but it's not ready to release yet. We'll keep you posted.

Also, you might notice that we have a check all box by each patrol on the new bulk privileges page. We have a number of places in TroopTrack where we don't have this feature but should. We are working on this and you should see more check all capabilities throughout TroopTrack. If you have a place where you want this real bad, just open a help desk ticket and let us know.

~ Dave