Friday updates! (10/09/2015)

Good Morning Friday!

We just pushed a few things live, and here they are...

1) A custom header for Sea Scouts  

2) A custom header for Civil Air Patrol. I expect there will be another round of edits on this one in the future.

3) Added leadership and training for Sea Scouts

4) Fixed a bug preventing some Tiger awards from being reported through TurboNET

5) Fixed a privileges problem related to managing the library. If you were previously able to do this and suddenly cannot, please make sure you have the manage library privilege.

6) Fixed the balance due on the "all payments" for an event page. It was previously not updating regardless of payments made.

7) You can now export all payments for an event to CSV and PDF.

8) A district tools user can now edit and create a public web site.

9) The district tools look and feel got some nice tweaks.

Have a great weekend!

~ Dave

Is there a custom header for law enforcement explorer groups?


Not currently. Do you have icons you’d like us to use?

Dave, thank you for responding and for working with us! We are certainly excited about the potential for TT and our area Explorer posts.

I dont have any icons on hand currently but have seen a few like handcuffs, scale of justice, fingerprints, police line do not cross tape, etc on different sites.

We are planning on pitching TroopTrack at some upcoming regional meetings so this is great timing!

I will reach out to some other post advisors in central florida for suggestions and icon files if you think that would be helpful. Let me know.

Thanks again,

Our agency digital media tech sent me this link…