Associate 1 user with multiple patrols

We really need to be able to assign a user to multiple patrols. I know there are work-arounds, but we really need this, especially if we are going to bring more GS Service Units onto TT.


There are no immediate plans to make this possible. To many triggers and levers are tied into a user and the troop/patrol they are in.

If you tell me the scenario, I can give you one of those work arounds.

I think this would be helpful to us. Our scenario is we have 1 Explorer Unit Leader and 4 Explorer Asst. UL’s. I split the Explorers into two Squads/ Dens and assigned 2 Asst. UL’s to each squad. I would like my 1 UL to be able to see all the Explorers, in both squads, but she can only see the girls in the squad that I have assigned her to.

I gave her Troop level access so that she can see all the Explorers, but I would rather not have to do this.

Any suggestions for how I can give her access to view the girls in both Explorer squads, without viewing all the units in the troop?


Here’s my simplest use case (though I have several) -

I am the leader for 2 patrols but can only associate myself with one. I need to be able to associate myself with both so that I get included in the correct events, mailing lists, etc.

I am curious what the work arounds are? Other than giving Troop-level access.


At this point in time, there is no plan to be able to associate a single user with multiple patrols. We understand that it would a useful feature for some TT users, but the demand for said feature is not high enough for us to be able to devote resources to a change that would be very complicated and time-consuming, as Matt stated in another post above.

As far as other solutions go, the only options are to merge the patrols back into one, give the leader Troop level access, or create two separate accounts for the same leader (using one to access Patrol 1 and the other to access Patrol 2).

Got it. Thanks for the response!

There needs to be a better way. I have a Pack where a few leaders are involved on multiple Dens. There needs to be a better way then granting Pack level access or multiple accounts.

I will address this with our developer again, but I believe the above is still the case, at least for the time being. In the meantime, thank you for your patience with us!

This also applies to parents with Scouts in different dens. Parents should not have unit access and having multiple accounts defeats the purpose of being an easy to use tool. This could end up with us not renewing our accounts (Troop and Pack).

What things are they missing by not being in both Dens?
Do you have lots of Den specific Events?
Do you have the option in Settings enabled to copy the parent on all messages to the Scout? I have tested this and even if the scout does not have an e-mail address the Parent still gets the message.
I am trying to think of situations where the parent not being in both Dens would lead to them not getting information but with Household access and copy parents settings I would think they would get all of the communication. While I agree this would be a nice option is it really 100% necessary to the needed functionality for the parent?

We need this, too.

We have leaders that have more than one role. For example, several of our Board members are also Unit Leaders or Assistant Unit Leaders in other units. We do not need to associate youth with two units, but it is a fairly frequent need to associate an adult with two units. Just adding my support. :slight_smile:

Ditto - we need this too.

I’m not sure if this was answered or remains open. We have signed up for TT and transitioning away from a another tool that had this functionality for managing our Cub Scout Pack. We have Girl Dens and Boy Dens that make up our Den/Patrol setup. We would prefer not to give our leaders Unit level permissions but as an example require the Tiger Leaders (both the Boy and Girl Den leaders) to have access to manage/track awards, communication, etc. across both Tiger Dens.

This has been asked many times for a long time. Unfortunately it has never been implemented. The only work around has been to either give them Unit level access or create two leaders of the same name with different e-mail addresses and they have to login with the appropriate credentials to modify each Den. @Tyler has this been looked at anytime recently, is it on any ToDo or Wish List?

Hello all,

I have just spoke with Dave and our tech team. Assigning members to multiple patrols has been a request for some time now. Up until now it has been difficult because of the way that patrols were handled in relation to user profiles.

This last month TroopTrack made an update to the way that members data and information are handled in the background. The first implementation of this new way was demonstrated with our new Dynamic Member Event Invitations. So, the good news is that as of now we should be able to get this built.

I have added it to the tech team’s todo list.