Why do Announcements have a Start\End Date?

Seems strange to have a start\end date. Does the announcement not show up until the Start Date?

What happens when the end date of the announcement occurs? Does it get auto-archived?


We have found this feature to be pretty handy. We can create the announcements months in advance and have them only run a certain time frame. Once the announcement occurs and is over, it disappears into the great unknown. :joy: We haven’t found a way to find them after they run their course.

@AaronStorey Do you know if there is any way to find them after they expire? Or are they just permanently deleted?

I have not really used Announcements much, I did find a couple old community posts that seemed to indicate they are just deleted.

Much sadness. There have been a few we could reuse each year. An accessible archive would be nice. Not high on the priority list, I get, but still handy for troops that use Announcements. :wink:

Thanks for the reply. That sounds handy; just a little different way of thinking about events.

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