Ability to control which leadership position shows as primary for any user!

When a leader has multiple positions how can we choose which one appears under the user’s name in the user and various reports? For example, if a parent is an “Assistant Scoutmaster” “Webmaster” and “Committee Member” all at the same time but we want “Committee Member” to appear under their user name how can we make this happen? Do we need to delete or end date all of the other positions? We should be able to move the priority around on the leadership page so among the current active positions we can move the one that we want to be used as primary descriptor to the top of the list. Or, is there some other way to affect this type of solution that I’m missing?


Right now the system looks for the first one created or available and displays that. You can mess with the end dates or delete and re-add the other ones.

If you’d like a feature dedicated to this, please change the category from “Ask a Question” to “Ideas” and we’d be glad to consider it after getting some more feedback from the community.


I have done as suggested. Right now, we have to delete all of the current leadership entries and add the one we want to show as the first and then we can add back the rest. It’s kind of silly. You should be able to simply flag which one you want primary such as “Committee Member”.


I’ve been grappling with this as well.

If I have to go through a silly routine like this, it lowers the value of TroopTrack.